How much does it cost to fit out the interior and exterior ?

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The first thing to say is their are so many answers to the question.I am currently looking to upgrade my current van and move to one vehicle from a practicle and cost of running one vehicle that is used more often.

My current VW van I purchased with a very basic layout firstly to see if I would like using a campervan before spending more money. This is the approach that I took and I am glad I did this as helped me think about what I do and don’t need in the van with my upgrade.

If you look at your  home anything can be brought into your van at a price. This is why I would look at how I approached the refurb of my van.

I have spent many years looking at hundreds of different types of conversion interiors and exteriors add on’s.  It’s almost like dating you want to find the interior that suits firstly your budget and also your lifestyle of what you intend to use the van for.

The suggestion I am making is write down exactly what you are going to be using the van for. I wrote down the following which could be similar to yours.

The van will also be used as an office when on the road. (Key requirements good quality led lighting, sturdy table to work, windows that open both sides for air circulation.

I am going to be using it for taking my mountain bike on trips (Key requirements need to look at whether having a built on bike rack or a removable rack for my trips)

I want to take longer trips in my van (key requirements would be a functional layout this would mean water, fridge/freezer and gas hob and storage cupboards that are flexible and easy to access when the bed is down.)

I am going to want to have more standing room and have my kids stay in the van when I don’t want to put the tent up. (Key requirement will be a pop roof to increase air circulation and kids can sleep or an adult up in the roof. Also when cooking and the unable to cook outside been able to stand up will also make the van more roomier.)

Will be used in the winter(Their are a number of systems out their propax, connected to engine and as of late I have found an electric version which I am still investigating how much battery drain this will have on the leisure battery. I will discuss this in further blogs.)

I have discounted a shower and oven to be installed at this stage as wont be going into areas where I won’t be far from local amenities and will take up space. I will most likely be staying in campsites or not far from a leisure centre to catch a quick shower or pub if not cooking in the van.

The cost for a basic purchase without installation for a the standard VW Campervans layout can start from 500.00 to 2000.00 purchased off the eBay or specialist conversion companies. I have also found some companies wanting to charge up to 18k yes you read right for a basic layout saying they are building from scratch and doesn’t have some of the items I could have included for far less monies.  I find this difficult to justify whilst this would be nice to know for what I intend to use the van for I could put this into the van purchase.

Okay so now you have your design how are you going to get this fitted out in your van. A number of options do it yourself if you have the time. Have a friend who can give you a hand takes a little longer or search for a number of conversion specialists and speak with them about how much it would cost. It’s important to be clear exactly what you are wanting as like a house it costs money to change things if a major change.

I collected all my ideas and put in on Evernote so that I can refer back to them when it comes to the build. I want to keep focused on what is going to be adding value and not just a nice accessory.






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