Connecting your campervan to mains electricity.


I was staying at my parents for Christmas. It was was going to be a full house so wanted to have a small heater running during the night in the van as it’s winter time in the U.K.

When I had purchased the van I was aware that the van had an outside cable to attach to electricity. What I was not aware of is the person who I had purchased the van from had put the female connector on the van. I purchased another male connector off the next and changed them over. See picture this should have been the male.


As for the cable that would run from the van to the house this was a 2.5mm this is usually the required standard for most campsites in the U.K. Europe may take a less stringent view and allow 1.5mm. The core size is stamped on the cable. See below.


One thing to be aware is a number of companies describe the cables they are selling as 2.5mm but in actual fact are 1.5mm. I had this happen to me they described at 2.5mm but the cable when it arrived stamped on the cable 1.5mm. I think they are just hoping people won’t just return the wrong cables so read the reviews and if you see more than one as I suggest going onto another retailer or take a chance.  I ended up purchasing my cable from a physical retailer for similar cost that other companies were offering on the net for 2.5mm cable.

If you now wish to connect the cable to your house electricity you will need a special adaptor which can be purchased off the net or any camping shop. See below.


Finally depending on the individual campsite the amount of amps that are supplied varies and this will affect the type of heater or kettle that you can run. Check under the item that you want to use and add up how many watts each of the items use to total up the amps for the power you are connecting with. If want to be safe to use the items individually especially kettles and hairdryers.





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