My favourite cooking stove.

I researched a large number of makes and models of gas cooking units that could have multiple uses and is easily stored whilst not in use. I am the first to go with charcoal but there are times when I have found this not to be the most practicle.

The model I settled on was the Safari Camping Stove made by Cadac. This stove allows me to boil water, BBQ different types of meat and also to cook eggs and bacon. It also has a lid so if you are cooking chicken for example it creates an even heat. The lid can also be used as wok.

When cooking on this stove say BBQ meat their is a tray that catches all the fat and juices a bit like a George Forman. I have cooked up to ten people for what looks like a small circumference doesn’t take long.

When I go camping with my girls or large number of people. I can quickly get everyone fed especially if it’s a Friday camping or at home with kids after work. I don’t need to hassle with lighting the charcoal and becoming the centre of attention with hungry mouths to feed and end up burning all the food.

The stove is made of high grade steel material and is fully dishwasher proof. I normally just clean the main grilling plates that can be easily taken apart as stack on top of each other. I do remove all the black charcoal bits from the previous BBQ as much as possible otherwise it will eventually end up in your dishwasher filter.

They have a variety of models in this range depending on how mobile you wish to be. The gas can be connected by a small portable camping gas cylinders or a patio gas cylinder.I personally have the patio gas unit when in use as this is in my camper van. I just take it out of the cupboard where it normally stored. My friend has set his up using small camping cylinders although lighter think will cost more if cooking for large groups. I prefer the smaller unit that is in the picture it makes for quick and easy setup and whilst seated in the chair is the right height.

Cadac have also recently brought out a new version which has a self starting gas igniter but the rest remains largely the same.

Happy cooking.



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