Camping in 20 mins expirement


I mentioned in a previous blog I was going to try out camping using an inflatable tent with the goal of arriving onsite and be camping in 20 mins with my two girls aged 9 and 7.

In order to achieve this a little preparation at home is required and the following was loaded into my camper van. This was undertaken during the summer this year.

Clear boxes containing the following;

1 x clothing for girls and myself
1 x dry food goods
1 x kitchen/cooking utensils and pans
1 x cold fridge containing food
1 x 6 person inflatable tent
2 x air beds

On arrival I emptied the van opened up the tent and had the girls help me pump up the tent. Once this was done the camping duties were ready and I joined the adults and and my girls played with the rest of the kids.

Summary blow up air tents help defiantly speed things up. I am yet to see how it stands up in rougher weather conditions. The reviews I have read appear to be very positive and say the wind blows over the tent unlike traditional rigid tents. I will report back on how the tent performs in a future blog.

I can’t stress how much easier it is camping using plastic boxes. It helps when finding items when the sun goes down or the girls want to get something without emptying out the duffle bag.

Happy camping